Anti-vaxxers hand out flyers outside local schools

The flyer spouts debunked statistics sourced from U.S. social media sites.

Windsor Star 3 minute read November 24, 2021

People handing out anti-vaccination flyers aimed at children have been spotted at several local schools in recent weeks.

 Bronwyn Greenacre’s mother was waiting outside Princess Elizabeth public elementary school in Windsor Monday when someone knocked on the car window and offered her a flyer.

 Greenacre’s mother picks up her 10-year-old son from school each day.

“I got angry,” Greenacre said. “I got so angry that my 10-year-old might have been exposed to something like that.”

Greenacre was the fourth parent to call the school to complain about the man and woman waiting outside for the final bell to ring.

She said the principal and another parent escorted the pair off the property.

“Nobody recognized them,” Greenacre said. “But they were right there at both exits.”


The flyer’s headline reads “You can say No” and goes on to say “Don’t let your child be an experiment.” It has pictures of teens and children captioned with stories of death or paralysis from getting a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The flyer spouts debunked statistics sourced from U.S. social media sites.

Greenacre said the pair also handed out a blank form to be filled out by a parent as a “formal notice of non-consent.” 

“It says it’s about the protection of the legal rights of my child, it’s very official looking,” Greenacre said. 

The Greater Essex County District School Board put out a brief statement in response to media inquiries. 

“No one is legally permitted to be on school property without expressed permission,” it read. “As we are also concerned for the safety and well-being of students, their families and staff in public areas — especially during drop off and pick up times — we ask anyone near schools to be respectful and not to create a hazardous situation for pedestrians or drivers.”

A spokesman for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board said there had been three similar incidents at schools several weeks ago. 

Health Canada approved the use of a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for those aged 5-11 four days ago. The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit said there are roughly 33,000 young people eligible for the vaccine and local youth can start getting vaccinated Thursday.

According to statistics, 136 school-aged children in Windsor-Essex have tested positive and nearly 100 class cohorts were dismissed following exposures in the last month alone.

The health unit advises hesitant parents to seek out reliable sources on childhood vaccination including its website at

As for Greenacre, her younger son is getting vaccinated.

“I have an appointment for him this Saturday,” she said. “It’s of his own free will too. He wants to be like the rest of the family. We’re all vaccinated in this house. He wants to be like that and protect everybody.”