Que. hospitalizations soar with record 12,833 COVID-19 cases

The province attributed 15 more deaths to the virus as it recorded more cases in a day than it had in all of June and July combined.

Montreal Gazette 2 minute read December 28, 2021

Quebec set a record for new infections in a day with 12,833 reported on Tuesday.

The day’s new cases are more than were reported in the months of June, July or August this year. In fact, they’re more than the monthly totals from June and July combined.

The seven-day rolling average of infections in the province is now at an all-time high of 9,133.

A total of 559,269 infections have now been confirmed in the province since the first one was reported in February of 2020.

Quebec also announced that 15 more fatalities had been attributed to the virus, bringing the province’s death toll to 11,692. This is the first time since April that Quebec has reported 10 or more deaths in consecutive days.

The number of hospitalizations due to the virus increased by 88 to 702 — the highest level since April. The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations has more than tripled in the last month. Of those patients, 115 are in intensive care — an increase of six.

While people who do not have the protection of even one vaccine dose make up just 18.7 per cent of the province’s population, they accounted for the majority of the 158 hospital admissions due to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

On Monday, Quebec administered 59,816 vaccine doses.

Since the start of its vaccination campaign, the province has received 16,943,785 doses of which it has administered 14,811,933.