Quebec is poised to ease mask restrictions in high schools, report says

Other restrictions that may be eased included registries at bars and restaurants and capacity restrictions at ski hills.

The Montreal Gazette 2 minute read November 2, 2021

The Legault government will announce Tuesday that high-school students will no longer have to wear face masks in class and that restaurants and bars will no longer be required to enter their clients’ names into a tracing registry, the Journal de Montréal reports.

The report says the changes will take effect Nov. 15.

The report, citing anonymous sources, says that while high-school students will continue to be required to wear masks in common areas and on school buses, the 86 per cent vaccination rate for Quebecers ages 12-17 and a stabilization of the number of COVID-19 cases during the fourth wave makes mask-free classes possible.

The requirement that face masks be worn in elementary schools, where students are unvaccinated, will in remain effect, as it will in CEGEPS and universities, where 21 per cent of 18-to-29-year-olds have yet to be fully inoculated, according to the report.

Tracing registries in bars and restaurants will no longer be required after business owners complained that despite being short staffed they are required to process clients’ vaccine passports, the report said.

Visitors registries in private seniors residences will remain.

The report also says that while skiers will no longer face limited capacity restrictions, they will still be required to produce a vaccine passport prior to taking to the slopes and also be required to wear a face covering (scarves and face tubes are tolerated) while being transported in ski-lift cabins.