Watch: Staying safe while sick and living with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes can often be hard to manage on its own, let alone when you are sick

Diabetes Canada 1 minute read November 3, 2019

Diabetes can often be hard to manage on its own, let alone when you are sick. Catching an illness like a fever or stomach flu can affect the type of food you can eat and could risk dehydration as well.

In this webinar, community pharmacist and certified diabetes educator Susie Jin gives some tips and recommendations on staying safe while sick.

According to Diabetes Canada 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada, Jin recommends certain foods and fluids to consume to try and maintain a healthy blood sugar level while preventing dehydration. If dehydration does occur — which could cause issues like acute kidney injury — there are certain medications Jin says you should stop using temporarily.

And most importantly, Jin recommends sharing your symptoms with your pharmacist and asking them to recommend which medications to stop when you are experiencing various symptoms so you can stay prepared in the future.

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